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Privacy Policy

When you use the services of Haartransplantatie Yildiz, you voluntarily provide the company with a variety of personal data, or the company collects personal data as part of the contract. Personal data is any information that identifies or distinguishes a specific individual.

grouped personal information

Haartransplantatie Yildiz processes the following categories of personally identifiable information:

Name, address, and contact information; financial information; medication use; and, if applicable, protected health information

Additional information about you that you provided for the processing

Personal information processed by Haartransplantatie Yildiz is used for the following purposes: contacting you to notify you when the services you purchased are being implemented; providing its services; improving the service; processing payments; complying with legal obligations; conducting marketing and communication activities; enhancing the website by analysing website visitor behaviour; and sending newsletters.

Exchange of information with third parties is required to provide the service.

Process structure

Personal data processing is only permitted for the delivery of Haartransplantatie Yildiz services in accordance with the following principles: I legal obligation, (ii) implementation agreement, (iii) acquired (explicit) consent from the data subjects, and (iv) legitimate interest. Haartransplantatie Yildiz handles with care the (personal) data it has collected about you and your use of the services, and it processes only the data it deems necessary for (improving) the service. The contract you signed with Haartransplanttatie Yildiz is the legal basis for processing this data. If you have provided consent, your personal information can also be processed by visiting

The necessity of processing

Your personal information must be processed in order to provide the service. Haartransplantatie Yildiz cannot offer all of its services without processing your personal information. If your explicit consent is required for specific uses of your personal data, you must separately provide it.

Haartransplantatie Yildiz is managed in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations; no decisions are made automatically. If a longer retention period is mandated by law or regulation, the personal data will be stored for a longer duration in accordance with these guidelines. No (obtained) personal information will be stored for longer than strictly required.

Third-party management Haartransplanttatie Yildiz discloses personal information to third parties only when required for the fulfilment of an agreement and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Personal details are never sold. Legal requirements may require Haartransplantatie Yildiz to disclose personally identifiable information to third parties. When sharing personal information with third parties, processing agreements are reached. This is how personal information is obtained from third parties:

To enter into a contract, Payment Provider. One of the types of personal data processed is financial data.

The Bookkeeper is responsible for contract execution. The processed personal data includes contact, name, address, and financial information.

In order to complete the contract, software vendors are required. The processed personal data includes contact, name, and address information.

To implement the arrangement, please contact the website manager. The processed personal data includes contact, name, and address information.

The doctor was hired as a third-party contractor to execute the agreement. The processed personal data includes contact, name, and address information, as well as medication usage and medical information.

Personal Information Security To ensure an adequate level of security, Haartransplantatie Yildiz considers the state of the art, implementation costs, as well as the nature, scope, context, and purposes of processing your personal data. We also consider the probabilistic and severe threats to your rights and liberties.

under 16 years of age?

You may only consent to the processing of your personal information if one of your parents or a legal guardian also consents if you are under 16 years old. Therefore, it is essential that your parents or guardian read the following statement. They may also exercise your rights with respect to the personal information you provide, such as the right to object to its (further) processing and the right to access and update your information.


You agree to the disclaimer by using this website. The owner of the website, Haartransportatie Yildiz, reserves the right to make changes to the content at any time without notifying its clients or website visitors. Despite all efforts to ensure accuracy and completeness, website content may contain errors. The operator of the website, Haartransplantatie Yildiz, disclaims responsibility for any harm resulting from or arising from the use of the website. Costs and risks associated with utilising this website are the sole responsibility of the user. There are no rights to the content of the website. All texts on the website are protected by copyright and belong to Haartransplantatie Yildiz, unless they are the property of a third party.

To enhance its website, Haartransplantatie Yildiz employs technical and functional cookies. Cookies are small text files that are transmitted alongside a website visit to enhance the user experience. If you must use the website, Haartransplantatie Yildiz may, in accordance with the law, place cookies on your device. Other cookie types may only be used with your permission. It is recommended to enable cookies in order to make the website more user-friendly. Users are able to check in via the website.

Haartransplantatie Yildiz employs functional cookies to ensure that the website functions properly. Since these cookies do not affect privacy, consent is not required. These cookies, for instance, store your browser's preferences for optimal website viewing or accessibility (load balancing) and also prevent the placement of additional cookies (no-follow).

We instal "tracking cookies" on your computer with your consent. These cookies allow us to create a profile of your online behaviour by recording the pages you visit. This profile is used solely to match you with advertisements that are as relevant as possible. It is unrelated to your name, address, email address, or any other personal information.

Additionally, Google Analytics cookies are set on the website of Haartransplantatie Yildiz. No record is kept of your online activities. Google Analytics may be required by current regulations to provide access to these data. As a result, Haartransplantatie Yildiz is unable to link data to a real person. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Utilizing Social Media

To enhance its website, Haartransplantatie Yildiz utilises cookies from third-party domains. Third-party services that are utilised on the website set certain cookies. Third parties and social media are synonymous terms (Facebook, Instagram). The use of cookies from other companies is subject to the respective company's privacy and cookie policies (third parties). A cookie is set when you click the Social Media button on a website. This enables social media companies to identify your IP address when you share website content. Haartransplantatie Yildiz directs you to the privacy and cookie policies of third parties for information on Social Media cookies and the information and/or personally identifiable data they collect.

Browser\ssettings You can modify your browser settings if you do not want websites to store cookies on the device you use to access them. You will be informed before a cookie is placed, and your consent will be required. For instance, if you do not, the website may cease to function properly. Your browser can be configured to reject all cookies, including those from third-party websites. Additionally, deleted cookies can be recovered. Before modifying your privacy settings, you must first modify your browser's options.

This privacy statement does not apply to websites that are linked to from this site. We cannot guarantee the privacy practises of these third parties. Before using any of these websites, we advise that you read their respective privacy policies.

Subject Data to Rights

As a subject of personal data, you have the following rights:

Inspection rights. If you are a data subject, you have the right to know whether your personal information is being processed and, if so, how.

Right to correction: You have the right to correct and complete inaccurate information.

A data subject has the right to have his personal information deleted without delay.

As a data subject, you have the right to restrict how your personal information is processed. Contact Haartransplantatie Yildiz for additional information.

A data subject's right to receive the personal information he has provided to Haartransplantatie Yildiz in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format, as well as the right to transfer that information to Haartransplantatie Yildiz without interference from the controller to whom it was provided.

The data subject has the right to object at any time and for any reason to the processing of his personal data, including profiling based on these requirements. Haartransplantatie Yildiz will cease processing the personal data unless there are compelling legitimate reasons for processing that outweigh the data subject's interests, freedoms, and rights in connection with the establishment, exercise, or defence of a legal claim.


If you have a concern about how Haartransplantatie Yildiz handles your personal information or wish to exercise one of the rights outlined above, please contact us via our website or at To demonstrate your intention to exercise a right, Haartransplantatie Yildiz requires a copy of your identification documents. Make your passport photo and the MRZ (bottom strip of numbers) black to protect your privacy. Within six weeks, if possible, Haartransplantatie Yildiz will respond to your inquiry. You may also file a complaint with the Dutch Authority for Data Protection. This is the competent law enforcement organisation. Visit to contact us about this.

Adaptations to the Privateness Statement

Haartransplantatie Yildiz reserves the right to modify the terms of this privacy statement at any time. The latest version is available on the website. Therefore, continue to check the website for the most recent update. We will notify you via email if the new privacy policy affects how we handle the data we have gathered about you in the past. The most recent revision occurred on 18-11-2022

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